A2E | KMZ Tracking using Google Analytics
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KMZ Tracking using Google Analytics

KMZ Tracking using Google Analytics

Update 10/19/12due to popular demand, we created a new version that allows all Community Edition to create trial KML/KMZ tracking codes for a short 3 hour period so you can test the new functionality. If you need tracking that lasts indefinitely, you’ll still need to purchase Arc2Earth (Desktop or Subscription). You can get this latest version here

We added a cool new feature in the latest version of Arc2Earth Desktop to track your exported KMZ files using Google Analytics. As users open your KMZ files from anywhere, you’ll see them popup in the Google Analytics Realtime Dashboard and then have all of their browser (Google Earth version too!) and location information in the standard reporting area.

All you have to do is specify your GA Account Number (it looks like this “UA-XXXXX-XX”, the same value you put on your public websites) and an optional “path” paramater to help filter results in the GA Dashboard and in reports. You can add these values via the main KML Exporter window using the “Options” tab. You can also use the new KML Exporter Command Line tools for batch exporting of individual layer to add the tracking codes.

After you export the KMZ, you can send the file to anyone and once they open it in Google Earth the tracking image will be downloaded into the GE TOC (users must have internet access for this to work).

Inside your Google Analytics account, open the Realtime Dashboard and watch as users interact with your KMZ file. Their relative location, Google Earth version and the path/name of the KMZ file they opened will all be available for visualization and reporting.

Knowing who is viewing your data is a critical asset, it’s something we take for granted when building websites. Now you can use that same value when tracking your Google Earth data. Arc2Earth Enterprise (Desktop or Subscription) is required to use the Tracking functionality.