A2E | New Arc2Earth Version Released
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New Arc2Earth Version Released

New Arc2Earth Version Released

The latest release of Arc2Earth is now available!

New Website and Accounts Page

In the previous version of Arc2Earth, your online account required a Google Apps or GMail account. Our new online accounts can be setup with any email address. For this reason, even existing Arc2Earth users must create a new account (feel free to use your old email address) and enter your existing Serial Number

  • To get started, create a new account
  • Team and Organization Subscriptions only require a single account, the serial number is used on all computers accessing the account. A list of active computers and usage is available on the account page to track who in your organization is using Arc2Earth
  • The latest installer is only available from your account page
  • For new Recurly based subscription, you will be to Upgrade/Cancel your account as well as have access to previous invoices and billing information. Older subscriptions need to be upgraded to manually, please contact Arc2Earth support to upgrade your account.
  • We also have a redesigned website that streamlines the Arc2Earth brand and message


New Subscription Model

Arc2Earth has moved to Subscription based pricing, here are the major changes:

  • Annual Subscriptions only (Single, Team and Organization), we have discontinued Monthly subscriptions
  • All Subscriptions include Desktop Tools, Data Services and Sync.
  • All Subscriptions are upgraded to our previous Enterprise level of desktop tools, we have discontinued the Professional and Publisher editions.
  • Community Edition is now called Arc2Earth Lite.
  • All existing Monthly Subscriptions will be turned off by August 2013. We will be offering upgrade discounts when moving to an Annual subscription.
  • For the month of June, we’re offering a 10% discount on new subscriptions (use coupon code a2e_june_2013)


What’s New in Sync? 

Arc2Earth Sync has been streamlined from previous versions. Based on user feedback, Sync has been changed to concentrate on these features:

  • As a connector to existing GIS Cloud Services (in this version, Google Maps Engine, CartoDB, Fulcrum and ArcGIS Online for Organizations)
  • As a connector to existing GIS Servers (in this version, ArcGIS Server 10+ and GeoServer)
  • As a multi-user editor cache for File Sharing Services like DropBox and Google Drive (e.g. share shapefiles or File Geodatabases for small projects and all users can safely edit the layers)
  • Sync can now be best described as a dynamic, client side cache for your online GIS data. Display and editing occurs against the local cache, remote and local updates are applied automatically.



Other Sync changes:

  • Sync is no longer tied to a Google account, it only requires your Arc2Earth Serial Number
  • New client side caching supports OnDemand (as you pan/zoom), Full Download and Incremental synchronization. Also, you can use the new Cache Management toolbar to invalidate an area or download the latest version of your data whenever you want.
  • All caches can be editing using ArcMap’s native editing tools/toolbar with only the ArcGIS Desktop Basic license level
  • Shared Tables have been depreciated in favor of File Syncing Services (currently DropBox and Google Drive but more to come)
  • Services Change – Geospatial Rest Feature and Map services have been disabled for new accounts. We are working on a new services layer that will work more closely with your data.

What’s New in Desktop Tools?

Desktop and Sync are more integrated then previous releases. Sync continues to run as a standalone program but ArcMap Catalog integration and toolbars make the process of working with Sync much easier.

  • Windows 8 support (or any OS that only has .Net 4.5 installed)
  • New Toolbars and UI
  • Data Services (Google Maps and Imagery) improvments, new visual style and updated imagery
  • Easier one-click KML/KMZ exports
  • New GeoJson import and export
  • MapBox Toolbar – view your maps in ArcMap, publish to MapBox using ArcGIS tile caches or TileMill Connect
  • New Microsoft Bing toolbar