A2E | What’s New in Arc2Earth
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What’s New in Arc2Earth

What’s New in Arc2Earth

Webinar – Using Google Maps Inside Esri’s ArcGIS

Google is sponsoring the Directions Magazine webinar Using Google Maps Inside Esri’s ArcGIS on June 12th that highlights Arc2Earth’s abilities to connect the ArcGIS world with Google’s vast array of geospatial services. We are very excited to show users some of the new features we are adding to Arc2Earth and how they make working with Google Maps and Google Maps Engine incredibly easy from ArcGIS Desktop.

Google Maps in ArcGIS

In our latest version, we’ve completely redesigned how we display Google Maps in ArcGIS for Desktop. Instead of a custom layer, we are now serving the Google data as a local MapServer that is easily accessible from all areas of ArcGIS. We’ve also embedded Google Streetview and Oblique Maps as dockable windows in ArcMap. Use the Streetview Pegman tool to quickly view street panoramas on your maps. Optionally display your own map data on top of both Streetview and Oblique Maps!

Google Maps Engine (coming soon!)

Google Maps Engine has come a long way since it was first introduced by Google. It’s highly scalable datastore and visualization engine can be an incredible asset to anyone’s GIS stack. The next version of Arc2Earth will leverage GME’s extensive API to automate map/layer publishing, fast map/layer viewing in ArcMap and check out/check in style editing for vector data. Definitely attend the webinar mentioned above for more information on our forthcoming Google Maps Engine integration.

Arc2Earth Lite Depreciation

On June 1st of this year, we’ll be turning off the free Arc2Earth Lite version. Users will be able to upgrade to single seat annual subscriptions at any time before or after the deadline.