Industry Trendsetter.

About Us

“Being nimble is our greatest advantage. It allows us to move swiftly, identify trends, and build features and services our users need most.”
— Brian Flood, Arc2Earth President

Arc2Earth was designed for ArcGIS Desktop users across industries who are seeking a bridge between ArcGIS and other GIS solutions. Arc2Earth provides a simple and effective platform for:

  • Publishing and maintaining up-to-date online maps for public consumption
  • Sharing map data to facilitate private collaboration across geographies, departments and/or organizations
  • Integrating continually updated Google imagery into ArcGIS
  • Enjoying fast, two-way communication and updates via secure cloud computing

Founded in 2006, Arc2Earth quickly became a trendsetter in a new industry segment for both federal and commercial entities. Now with over 15,000 global users, Arc2Earth has been showcased by numerous GIS publications for its innovative and elegant solutions.

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