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New Version – ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Online support

New Version A new version of A2E has been released (3.1.6127), please visit your account page to download. This version requires a full uninstall of any previous versions and will become mandatory after 11/01/16 if you are using any of the Google services in A2E. The new version includes two new apps: an ArcGIS Pro […]

What’s New in Arc2Earth

Webinar – Using Google Maps Inside Esri’s ArcGIS Google is sponsoring the Directions Magazine webinar Using Google Maps Inside Esri’s ArcGIS on June 12th that highlights Arc2Earth’s abilities to connect the ArcGIS world with Google’s vast array of geospatial services. We are very excited to show users some of the new features we are adding […]

Google Maps Engine

The Google Maps Engine API was released yesterday (here, here and here) making it available to all Google Maps Engine customers. Arc2Earth has been developing against the API for some time and our  new version has direct support for connecting to your Map Engine account. The API is fast, well designed, secure and makes excellent […]

New Arc2Earth Version Released

The latest release of Arc2Earth is now available! New Website and Accounts Page In the previous version of Arc2Earth, your online account required a Google Apps or GMail account. Our new online accounts can be setup with any email address. For this reason, even existing Arc2Earth users must create a new account (feel free to […]

What’s Coming in the next Arc2Earth Sync Beta

The next version of Arc2Earth will have much tighter integration between the extension that runs inside ArcMap and the Arc2Earth Sync application that runs independently of ArcGIS. In fact, with the new toolbars and ArcCatalog integration, you probably won’t even open the main Arc2Earth Sync user interface at all, everything is accessible directly from ArcMap. […]

New MapBox Toolbar Coming Soon

As mentioned in the our last blog post, MapBox is getting it’s own toolbar in ArcMap via our forthcoming UI makeover. The toolbar provides a single location to control loading and publishing data to your hosted MapBox account. Once you connect to your account, all of your maps and tilesets are available to display in […]

New Tiled Map Layers Coming Soon

The next release of Arc2Earth will have a lot of core changes to main user interface inside of ArcMap. It includes lots of new menus and toolbars for dealing with the growing number external services available to ArcGIS users, new exporters, new Sync Table provider toolbars (Google Maps Engine, CartoDB, ArcGIS Online and Fulcrum) and […]

Open Mxd Documents in MapBox TileMill

Update – Added a quick video at bottom showing TileMill Connect in action In the current version of Arc2Earth Sync, we support building tile caches from your data and then automatically publishing them to MapBox for hosting. The tiles are drawn using the ArcGIS rendering engine and will match your existing Mxd maps symbols, renderers and […]

KMZ Tracking using Google Analytics

Update 10/19/12 – due to popular demand, we created a new version that allows all Community Edition to create trial KML/KMZ tracking codes for a short 3 hour period so you can test the new functionality. If you need tracking that lasts indefinitely, you’ll still need to purchase Arc2Earth (Desktop or Subscription). You can get […]

Arc2Earth Sync Update – Local Tables, Tile Caches and MapBox hosting

It’s been a awhile since the last public beta of Arc2Earth Sync was released, we’ve been busy changing some of the core functionality and as always, it took longer then expected. That being said, we’re really excited about the changes and now that they’re in place, we can roll new beta versions quickly. Sync is […]

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