Ask Away.


I am an existing Arc2Earth user but your website looks totally different. What’s going on?

We decided to simplify the Arc2Earth product lines and pricing structure. Don’t worry, we’re still offering the same great product.

What payment types do you accept?

Arc2Earth accepts all major credit cards. If you are purchasing an “Organization” level product, please contact us to set up an account and to arrange for billing.

Do I need to sign up for a long-term license?

No. Arc2Earth offers an annual subscription model.

Do you offer any discounts for Arc2Earth Services?

The Arc2Earth Educational Organization Program and Arc2Earth Non-Profit Organization Program both offer highly discounted site licenses or 40% off individual subscriptions for educational users and qualified 501C non-profit organizations. Please complete the form on this page to see if your organization qualifies.

Can I try Arc2Earth before I buy?

Yes, we offer a 2 day full trial. If you need an extension, please contact us directly.

What countries are supported?

Google prohibits purchase of the Google Maps API from the following list of countries.  Arc2Earth’s data services cannot be purchased or used from these countries as well.

Do I need extra Google Licensing?

No. One of the major benefits of Arc2Earth is that the appropriate Google license for a single user is already included in your subscription.

What happened to the Data Services Serial Number?

We removed the need for this extra license in the newest version of Arc2Earth, in order to eliminate any confusion. When you purchase your subscription, a serial number that is already activated will be sent to you.

Do you have an ELA?

Arc2Earth was designed to complement existing ESRI ELA agreements and larger organizational purchases. We also offer multiple year contracts with this model. Please contact us for more information.

Can I print now?

Yes! We now provide full support for printing and exporting from both the layout and data view in ArcMap.

Are there any restrictions on printing/exporting?

Yes. Google has set guidelines for when their data can be reproduced in a printed version. In general, if you are using Arc2Earth for internal projects or documents, it is not an issue. Using Arc2Earth to produce new products for sale is strictly prohibited. When in doubt, please visit the Google Geo Permissions Wizard.

In the previous version, I had to change my data frame projection to see the Google Data. That’s a pain, has this been changed?

Yes! Arc2Earth now works with any projection and rotation in ArcMap.

I used to upload data to Fusion Tables. What happened to that menu item?

Arc2Earth’s synchronization features offer a much more functional method to upload and synchronize your data with Google Fusion Tables (and CartoDB, EarthBuilder etc). Some features are still in Beta but are included with your subscription if you have immediate needs.